5 Favorite Thrift Store Houseware Purchases

Good morning, dear readers!  I hope you had a wonderful long Labor day weekend!  Mine felt long and refreshing…although at the end I always feel like there could be one extra day tacked on.  Any of you feel the same way?  Or maybe it’s just be me.  I am back to the routine of my classroom schedule.   Welcome to all of the little students who are coming my way today!!  I have a cup of coffee on hand and a big stash of chocolate in my desk drawer.  I come prepared!

At the risk of sounding like a thrift store shopping nerd, I am going to go over a few purchases I have made there that have been lifesavers for me.  Many of you already know I am in the middle of a major move.  As I have been packing away my house wares, I see five that really stand out to me as “I-couldn’t-live-without!” favorites.   These are items that are practical, items that I use often, and that I enjoy seeing in my kitchen.

This egg crate ($10) and milk jar ($2).  Let’s face it, I usually stuff every kitchen item, plastic and all, inside of my fridge the minute I get home from the store.  I just want to get the groceries put away!!  However, I am very set about putting my eggs inside of this cute crate, and pouring my almond milk inside of this deliciously old fashioned jar.  Don’t ask me why it matters on the eggs and milk, but it does!!  Maybe I shouldn’t be so picky, but I am!


This gorgeous glass bowl ($3).  This bowl was just magical to me the minute I picked it up.  I can mix up a pretty potato salad or colorful rainbow fruit salad inside and it is all ready to go.


This glass water holder ($8). It perfectly stores gallons of unsweetened iced tea, or is perfect to keep lemon water fresh on hand every day.  I searched and searched for this product at a great retail price.  But when I found this secondhand purchase, it was irresistible. IMG_20180903_161459

This fruit bowl ($6). Okay, okay,  so it’s not really a fruit bowl. I think it used to  function as the front part of a medal fan.  Anybody know?  I stood there and stared and stared, thinking “What an original piece of art!”  Finally I caved in and put it on the purchase counter.  It makes a very industrial “fruit bowl”.  Somehow I have a habit of taking items and repurposing them for another use.  Anyone else do the same??P1090771

This set of 4 glass bowls. ($3).  This is a photo from my post  5 Heavenly Morning Breakfasts Under 400 Calories.   These bowls are almost as heavenly as the breakfasts.  They are fun and charming and whimsical all in one.  I love the extra detail on the side and the durable, thick cut glass.  (They also hold at least 2 cups of cereal instead of 1!) In fact, I almost cried when I found one of them shattered in the sink.  They are too good to even lose one of them!


I know that not every single gal and guy out there is into thrift store shopping like me, but I’ve noticed that even seeing pictures of what someone else has can help me determine whether I really need a particular item or not.   Sometimes I am on the fence about an item, and having someone else explain the practicality or impracticality of that item helps me out as well.  Anyone else like me?  I also know that some people would rather just eat a meal out.  I am known to do that too, at times.  There are days when I would just rather order take out and relax instead of cooking a full fledged meal.  Then and again, there are other days I would just rather be in the kitchen!

Would you rather order take out or cook in your kitchen?  What are some of the most used items in your kitchen?  Why?  How do you feel about shopping secondhand?

Featured comments of the week:

Wow!!  So many comments on my last post!!  Your turnout was outstanding!  I smile every time I read your thoughts and think about the time you took to leave a great message.  Thank you!!  Like I said previously, if your name is not tagged here, don’t worry, I will tag you in the next post.

Magic In The Everyday says: “This is so adorable!I wish you had been my teacher as a kid! haha

Thank you for your kind comment!  I try… 🙂

Rachel writes: “Fun post! Your pictures are looking better and I love the blazer outfit. Thanks of sharing!”

You are very welcome, Rachel!  And I appreciate the compliment about the pictures.  Improving them is definitely on my list.

Kate comments: “Love that outfit with the blazer! Closet envy!”

I appreciate the love!!

AJ says:I love your outfits! I always go with professional, but suited to what I’m doing at work. I think it’s a great role model for the kids!”

I couldn’t agree more, AJ.  Totally two thumbs up.

thefashionedwoman.com writes: “Very Cute! If it is not asking too much can you add the prices of what you paid for each item? I just nerd out to that. I am like, looking amazingly better knowning you paid low second hand prices!”

Sure!  I added that back to the post so you can go ahead and take a look.

floatinggold says: “Taking care of oneself is ultra important. The outfits look great. You’re lucky you’re not cold, though. Some offices can be freezing. And I really like your comment tagging idea.”

Yes, sometimes it is cold, urrrgghh.  I always pack a sweater!

Many happy meals to you!





20 thoughts on “5 Favorite Thrift Store Houseware Purchases

  1. What a great post! We must be on the same wave length – I love seeing what people buy at thrift stores , but I also enjoy seeing how people USE what they purchase! Once you get settled I’d love to see more posts like this – especially how to style home decor items. Thanks for putting this post together!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great minds think alike, right? 🙂 Sure, I can do that! As soon as boxes get unpacked that post will be up and coming, including some pictures on styling home décor. Feel free to also check out my Pinterest page where I have saved some great pins for styling your home as well!


  2. Hey, I also wanted to mention that I have a basket for my eggs as well as an antique milk glass jug too! I love “repackaging” my products from the store into vintage tins or nifty looking containers. Just so you know you’re not the only one!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, whenever the off days come to an end, I feel like JUST one more day would be so much better. Of course, there is never enough of off days. Am I right?

    I think the fan/ fruit bowl really works.
    My favorite has to be the apple shaped (?) glass bowl. So versatile.

    Liked by 1 person

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