What I Wear to Work, 1 Pant 2 Ways

Good morning, dear readers!  I hope your week is going great!  The days are long but the weeks feel like they fly by!  My newest discovery is the versatility of a kimono.  Some of you have probably discovered it way before me!  It is so simple to throw a kimono over any sleeveless top, and voila, make it instantly wearable out.  This kimono was a secondhand store purchase from this post The Tricks of Upscale Thrift Styling, Part 2. Now I wear it everywhere.  I throw it on for a quick trip to the grocery store, I wear it to work….I wear it when I get cold…I could probably wear it to bed….It was definitely worth it.

One pant, two ways.  Here are 2 ways I wore the same incredibly soft Old Navy pants in the same week.  I used to think that wearing the same things repeatedly wasn’t possible at all…that people would notice.  But apparently if you change things up once in a while, who cares??  My closet has drastically reduced itself.  My budget is the happiest!!  In fact, I am wearing these pants right now as I sit and write this!

Per overthehillontheyellowbrickroad ‘s suggestion, I have been wearing my flats.  My feet were so sore wearing heels all week long!  Now I am much more comfortable.  (The second picture are heels but from last week.)


Old Navy green pants,  Walmart tan sleeveless top–$3, Bealls Flat sandals–$12, Walmart silver bracelets-$1, Thrift Store BCBG kimono from this post The Tricks of Upscale Thrift Styling, Part 2–$20


Yellow Top–12 cents (part of a $25 Style Encore Stuff-the-bag event), Old Navy green  Pants, Charlotte Russe sandals–$12.95

What are your favorite pair of pants?  Do you favor slacks or jeans or shorts? 

Featured Comments of the Week:

As always, I appreciate your comments!!  I think part of what I enjoy most about with blogging is connecting with others.

Eric Men says:Have you been to Magnolia Market in Waco? They sell some of this stuff you mentioned here. Lots of people there especially on weekends! Great post, keep up the good work!!”

I haven’t yet…but that’s on my bucket list of places to go.  It sounds like you have been there?  and it’s a great place to tour!

Becoming His Tapestry writes: “Love the reward system. We did have one for our girls, but not for behavior 😂 they knew the consequences of that. But for everything else for helping someone, for academics, for scripture memory they were always rewarded

It’s so great to have your input on this topic.  I noticed you focused on rewarding things that grew your children…learning scripture, being a good friend…etc.   Good behavior was expected. 🙂  Thank you for your comment!

Many happy Wednesdays to you!!




8 thoughts on “What I Wear to Work, 1 Pant 2 Ways

  1. cute outfits. I am one of those I can’t wear the same thing twice in a week (or two weeks) person. I do notice what people around me wear and would probably notice the same pants like that twice. Not that I’d ever say anything. Most of my pants are very neutral (navy, black, khaki, gray and demin) that way I can switch up the tops and never have to think about what goes with what. I do the same thing for my sons. I find it just makes life easier

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  2. Cute outfits! I now love wearing the same things over and over with the freedom of not worrying about what others think. Like you said, my closet is much slimmer and my wallet much fatter as a result! Thanks for the post and keep up the good work!

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    • I wasn’t too sure it would work until I put it on. I tend not to venture out too much into bold bright colors (but I admire people who do!), and this yellow is all of these things. I decided it was time to be brave and go for it. Thank you for the compliment!! 🙂

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