Easy DIY Pumpkin Makeovers 5 Ways

Here are 5 easy ways to do-it-yourself pumpkin makeovers.  They are very simple and don’t require a lot of supplies.  The best part is they are inexpensive but could grace any table elegantly.  I spent under $15 for all 5 pumpkins (including the pumpkins).  They would make cute centerpieces.  Feel free to pin any of the pictures you want to pin on Pinterest.  My pumpkins started out looking like this.




  1.  Polka Dot Pumpkin.  Use a silver paint marker ($3.77 at Walmart) on this white pumpkin to create an elegant look.  Use the marker to create the polka dot pattern.  I used the smaller dots on top and the larger dots toward the bottom.  This look could be great wedding décor for a fall wedding.



2.  Pumpkin Elegance.  Use the same silver paint marker on a white and orange striped pumpkin.  Draw curly lines all over the pumpkin.  I put mine in between the orange lines.   Any way you draw them will be artistic.  There’s really no rhyme or reason to it.


3.  Stamped Pumpkin.  Use a foam stamp to stamp shapes all over the pumpkin. I used white paint and this star because it is what I had.  Even the kids or grandkids can help out and decorate their own pumpkin this way!!


4.  Glitter Pumpkin. Glitter one half of the orange pumpkin.  I am known as the “Glitter Queen” because of my love of all things glitter.  (This can be dangerous to a clean house!)  Wrap tape around half of the pumpkin.  Brush on Elmer’s clear glue.  Sprinkle glitter on.  Wait an hour or two to dry.  Remove the tape.   You could even do these with a dollar store pumpkin!


5.  Pumpkin with Quote.  If you can only find orange pumpkins and you want a different look, spray paint your pumpkin white.   Use a stencil to spray paint a fall quote onto your pumpkin, or glue small golden circles all over.  Spray paint the stem silver.  Finish with spraying the pumpkin with clear gloss polyurethane (if you have it on hand).  There are so many ways to make a white pumpkin elegant!


These are some quick and easy ways I am decorating for fall at my home and most of them took me less than 15 minutes to finish.   I hope they will help give you some inspiration.

What are your favorite ways to decorate with pumpkinsHow do you decorate for the fall?

Featured Comments of the Week:

Dear Readers, I feel like I can never say thank you enough for leaving your thoughtful comments.  I am truly blessed beyond measure!!  Your comments are lovely.  If you leave a comment I will tag your blog.

teacherturnedmommyblog writes: “I love fall. soup season, time to pull out the cute boots and open up the windows. hope you enjoy crossing things off your bucket list.”

Ah, soup is perfect for the fall.  So many cute boot outfit options too.  Thank you!

floatinggold says:I don’t feel the fall yet. But pumpkin-flavored beverages are starting to jump out at me, so I guess it really is upon us.
Your fall bucket list is a great idea! It will keep you entertained and occupied for a while. Enjoy

I was reading another blogger who was talking about pumpkin-flavored lattes.   Sounds delish!

curvyechronicles comments: “I love, love, love this idea! I’m going to make my own right now!”

Glad you were inspired!  There is so much to do in the fall.  I know you will come up with a bucket list perfect for you.

Much happy pumpkin decorating to ya’ll!





  1. floatinggold

    This can be so much fun to so many different people. Of all ages. A very versatile post! One can find something for themselves.
    The white polka dots one caught my eye first, so even people with little painting/ craft skills (like me) can do it.

    Liked by 1 person

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