My 8 Best Wardrobe Shopping Hacks [Guest Post]

Dear Readers, Today we have a guest blogger writing today and I am so excited to welcome her onto HCG.   I love to include you readers here on the blog, and one of the ways of doing that is by hosting you to guest post.  Sarah won the Guest Post giveaway and was my last guest poster at Pink Shoe Girl Shopping Steals [Guest Post].  Rachel is a lovely fellow blogger and reader.  I think she has posted a comment every day from day one!  You will enjoy reading her blog, Thriving Simply.  She shares tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe, find your personal style, DIY gardening projects, home décor hacks, from scratch cooking, and much more.   Her recipes are delicious and her shopping hacks are crazily creative!  I have learned many tips on the art of “thrifting” and flipping from her.  All of my fellow thrifters and fashionistas here are going to love this post!

Rachel is a country girl who loves to give encouragement to living well, and inspiration to living simply.  She lives with her husband in their quaint home in Oklahoma.  She believes in, well, “thriving simply!”  Her husband and her have a pretty amazing story.  Feel free to ask her some questions about their story and how they met below. 😉

“In this two part series I’d like to invite you first of all to join me as I go thrifting (treasure hunting)!  Then let’s experiment with how to style the new pieces and incorporate them into an existing capsule wardrobe!

On this excursion we will hit two second hand stores carrying our capsule shopping list in hand (well; in phone that is). Thrift stores have so many wonderful options including clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, kids toys, books, home décor, furnishings, artwork, organizers, lighting and books just to name a few!

Thrifting Hacks 001

Heart and Hand is an independently run thrift store and their sales programs includes a punch card of $10 off $20 coupon.  So I stopped at Heart and Hand first.  Heart and Hand also runs a tag sale by color.  So I always watch the color of the price tag on the items I’m shopping for.Thrifting Hacks 002

They also had a large selection of greeting cards.  I personally love the old fashioned sentiment behind sending cards of all kinds through the mail (who doesn’t like getting a package?!) so I took some time to dig through the display. Plus they were only .21 cents each!  I found 24 greeting cards including Birthday, Get Well, Happy Anniversary, Sympathy, and two sets of adorable vintage looking mini cards all for $5.47.  This is less than what I would’ve paid at the dollar store.

Thrift Cards 051


Next up, the Best Thrift store and I hit jackpot here!  Since I shop specifically and for high quality, it’s fairly normal to come out empty handed, with one item, or maybe two.

Homeowners! 029

This time I scored seven garments, six pieces from my capsule shopping list, and three of them exactly what I was looking for!  Plus one vintage looking item that I’m especially thrilled about!

Their rewards program includes a loyalty card for 15% off your next purchase.  In this thrift store the newest garments are placed at the front of the rack at the highest prices.  So the further back you go on the rack the more “picked over” the garments will be, but the lower the price!  Sometimes a treasure is tucked in near the back at a fabulous price, so it’s worth the look.

Often the things I come across while thrifting make me smile.  It’s such a mixture of junky, quirky, and classy!  Not sure where you’d wear this needlepoint car coat, but it’s waiting for you!

Homeowners! 020

Here’s a true basic wardrobe piece.  A classic trench by Merona for about $7!  So chic on a dime!

Homeowners! 022

With all these options it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  To stay focused I always shop with a list, and scan only a section of the rack at a time based on color.  Can you see the striped top on the third hanger?  That one was on my list and went home with me!

Homeowners! 019

My Capsule Wardrobe Shopping Hacks:

  • Go with a list
  • Know the store’s sales, and join reward programs
  • Know your color palette
  • Keep an open mind, but trust your gut
  • Allow plenty of time
  • Check clothing carefully for stains, holes, pilling, etc.
  • Try everything on–only accept the perfect fit.
  • Choose only the best–there’s always more!

As I move along I am shopping based on the colors from my existing color palette.  Also, if a color or pattern catches my eye hanging in the store, it will probably do the same hanging in my closet.

Homeowners! 026

Here are the pieces that for quality or fit reasons did not make the cut.  There were some “almost” fits, some cute styles, and some things I could’ve made work, but in the end I’m aiming for a wardrobe that functions effortlessly.  No matter how cute the garment is I just don’t want to mess with a shirt that won’t stay tucked, arm bands that bind, necklines that gap, etc…

If you stick to your guns on this point and choose only the best fit and quality you’ll save yourself the frustration of a closet full of “almost” what you wanted.  Be patient and do a bit of digging for treasures at the thrift store that will perfectly fit your style, budget, color palette, and body shape!  (HCG adding here–Amen sister! It works the same way for retail as well!)

Homeowners! 027

Here are the pieces that made the cut! Even though the first set of clothes didn’t work out there is so much to choose from that I found more great pieces–all still within my color palette! Choosing a specific color palette may seem constrictive at first, but when all your pieces can be mixed and matched you’ll actually have more options than otherwise!

  • Black pencil skirt by Le Suit–$2.98
  • Striped t-shirt by Croft and Barrel–$3.98
  • Ivory shell by Ann Taylor–$1.98
  • Coral t-shirt by Faded Glory–$1.98
  • Polka dot t-shirt by Cable and Gauge–$1.98
  • Red vintage blazer by Kasper–$2.98
  • Green shirt by Merona–$5.98

My total plus tax was: $23.75!

If I were shopping full retail then $24 sometimes only purchases one item.  With savings like this, I have room in my budget for dry-cleaning, or any tailoring.  I invite you to join me at my blog as I show how to incorporate these new “treasures” into my existing capsule wardrobe with a capsule look book!

Barnett Nieces 2018 169_2
Sneak peek of look book!!

I’d love to know: What are items you always look for in second-hand stores?  How do you use them in your home?”

Thank you, Rachel for a fabulous guest post!!  Please be sure to head on over and check out her blog:  Thriving Simply.  To that I add, What items do you search for in retail stores as well to fit in a low budget?  I know we have many “second hand shoppers” but we also have some “retailers” in our midst!

Featured Comments of the Week:

Thank you dear readers for making HCG commenting what it is!  I appreciate your comments more than words can say!  I smile when you tell me your stories and head on over to check out your fabulous blogs.  Keep them coming and of course I will feature you and tag you!

Pink Shoe Girl wrote, “Adorable!”   Thank you! 🙂

overthehillontheyellowbrickroad commented, “Your glitter pumpkin is the coolest!” 

I think it has to be my favorite!

A Petite Slice of Life added, “They will be perfect if you’re having dinner! I better not show my students as they will want to make them!”

I had not thought about these for a class project but great idea!

Paige at wrote on About HCG, “I just discovered your blog as I was searching for other bloggers in my area to connect with, and I am loving it!! I lived in Lubbock for about 15 years and miss it terribly. We now live about 2 hours south of Lubbock. My blog is still a work in progress and I have not published it yet. Great job on your blog. It is one I will continue to follow!”

So exciting to meet a fellow blogger from my area who knows where Hub City is at on the map! 😉  Welcome to the world of blogging and I will be among the first to read your first post.

Living Chic for Less found 5 Favorite Thrift Store Houseware Purchases and commented, “Love the items you found! Also enjoyed reading your blog post! Can’t wait to read your future posts!”

Thank you for your lovely comment!

Many happy hours of thrifting to you!






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