A Look at Country Living, Texas Style

Dear Readers, Hope you had a great, extra long weekend!  The looks of country living, TX style are many.  The first thing I think a native of the country will always brag on is the view.  Not the View….but the view outside your window every time you wake up every morning.  Someone once said, “Texas is where you can see the most and see the least all at the same time!”


As I was driving home from work, I thought about how these clouds look like fluffy dollops of whipped cream, or scoops of vanilla ice cream.  (Maybe it was because I was hungry!)


Flaming, fiery sunsets.


Moo to you, too.


Ok, never mind then!  Maybe they are just stretching.  Working out those bull abs.



This is what I love the most (and the least because of my allergies) about this time of year.  The big sky, the miles and miles of cotton.  It speaks endless opportunity, dreams coming true.  The harvest is about to be taking in.  Soon, the fields will be dotted with the moving lights of tractors and harvesters at night.  The farmers will take a shift during a cool 63 degree night to avoid working in the scorching 90 degree weather during the day.  I don’t blame them one bit.


What do you think about country living?  Would you enjoy it or prefer differently? 

Featured Comments of the Week

As always, I would like to say thank you for so many great comments!!  So many new viewers already…I really appreciate it!!

Throughmylens writes: “Aww I’m loving this DIY post. It’s giving me autumnal feels already! P.s – just discovered your blog via the blog party xx“”

Glad you found us through Naya and this puts you in the mood for fall.  I appreciate your comment here!

stevescountry says:Great post! Fall is a beautiful time, like your bucket list idea though I think mine would be rather short in comparison, especially since it’s just my cat and I (and of course all my outdoor critters). Our cold weather transitioned very early this year and right now it is snowing heavily, which is early even for us in the far north! But still enjoying all the little wonders of fall from chipmunks to bears, and hot chocolate (now that I finally found some that is gluten free) and COFFEE! Look forward to reading more on your blog and thanks for following mine, I hope you will continue to enjoy it.”

Hello Steve!  I enjoy your thoughtful comments.  Keep them coming!  Your descriptions of life with nature are enjoyable.

TammyB writes: “Did you pick a scary movie yet? 🙂”

Not yet.  Any ideas?? 🙂

Look out for the

Many happy views to you!



11 thoughts on “A Look at Country Living, Texas Style

  1. Great post, love that sunset pic! Like those temps too, only 34 here today with a big snowstorm on the way tomorrow. Sigh. I love country living, best way to go, though now, due to health I live in town. But I loved those years in the country! Enjoy your day!

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  2. I have always lived in the city, but having visited many small towns I can see myself fitting into that lifestyle. It would take some getting used to, but being away from the sound of cars and just enjoying all that the country has to offer can be very relaxing. Great post!

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