Fall 101: Goodbye Summer, Welcome Fall

Dear Readers, I’ve been out this past week with a “bug” I picked up from some of my students.  Teaching is a germ mine field!  During this break, I’ve had time to reminisce and say goodbye to Summer 2018 forever.  For every goodbye, there’s a hello waiting to happen.  Don’t they say “it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings?”  Welcome to all the beauty and gorgeousness of a new beginning: Fall 2018!  Here’s “Fall 101” for you.

“For every goodbye, there is a hello, a new beginning, waiting to happen.”

Goodbye, lazy summer skies and country yellow fields of butterflies.


Goodbye short sleeve tunics and air swept sandals.


Goodbye cattle grazing on the side of the road in the rich, green farmland.


Welcome, Fall!


Hello to steaming cups of coffee, hazelnut coffee creamer, Burt’s Beas “Bordeaux Vines” lip crayon…


…, cinnamon pinecones, chunky scarves, chamomile herbal tea, orange flavored wassail, glittery pumpkins, and apple pie.


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Nordstrom Fall Giveaway

Welcome to all of the new memories to be made this fall.

I think I’m falling in love with autumn.

What do you say goodbye to in the summer? What do you like forward to in the fall?

Featured Comments of the Week:

Thank you for returning week after week with your lovely comments!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com writes; “HCG, the first one on your list is something I adopted when I was very young. Somehow, when just a kid in school, I decided I preferred quality over quantity. That carried over to starting to buy furniture in my 20s. Someone had given me a rather ugly old sofa, but rather than buy a prettier but cheap one I decided to make-do with the ugly one until I had saved up enough money to buy the exact sofa I wanted, one that I’d have forever. I did that for every piece of furniture, and all these years later, I still have it and like it!”

That’s great, Jean!  I wish I had discovered “quality over quantity” that soon.   Thanks for a lovely comment.

Becoming His Tapestry says:Before I spend a cent, I budget for the month. I must admit, though, I am not strick in keeping it, but rather use it as a guide. ☺️ It helps me not to spend what I don’t have to spend. Love all the tips you suggested, but when the girls are home, we do go to the mall most fridays 😂😂

How fun!  My nieces and I love to go shopping sometimes when they come down to visit too.  🙂 It’s all about spending quality time doing something you love to do together.

stevescountry comments: “Thanks for the great post, budgeting is something I need to do but always find it so hard to stick with it! However, you reminded me that’s it’s really the best way to go, guess I need to try harder. Keep up the great posts, I do enjoy them!”\

Thank you, Steve.  I really appreciate your comments.

Many happy fall days to you!




3 thoughts on “Fall 101: Goodbye Summer, Welcome Fall

  1. Great pics and a great entrance into fall! I do like fall with all the beautiful colors, the crunch of leaves under foot and warm sunny days. We really didn’t get fall this year though. I must admit too, I don’t like saying goodbye to summer, the sunshine, warm temps in the 80s/90s, all that green, beautiful blue lakes. But every season does have it’s beauty so we should always look at the best of each. Keep up the great posts! Steve.

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