The Unexpected Twist Grilled PBJ Sandwich Recipe

Dear Readers,   I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving day this week out on my parents’ property, their little ranch north of Hub City.P1050135P1040448I always remember waking up with a cozy blanket wrapped around me and breath in deeply to take in the smell of turkey overloading the ranch house.  There will be pie after pie after pie lined up on the counter.  If we get lucky, my dad sometimes spoils guests with a cast iron breakfast over the fire.   His biscuit recipe, borrowed from an old chuck wagon “cookie” (the lead chef on a cattle trail), is absolutely out of this world.  I am hungry just thinking about it!P1040652

Scarecrows will peek from behind haystacks and pumpkins around the fireplace.  (I can blame my mom for my love of home décor.)  If it’s cold enough, there will be a fire crackling in the fireplace.  That’s country life for you!  It’s the backcountry flavor of the smell of leather, texture of boots, and… a good ole grilled sandwich.   IMG_20181106_180706

Speaking of breakfast, here is a perfectly wonderful, protein filled sandwich to wake up to for breakfast in the morning.  Done in simple, country style.  You can pop these on the griddle and viola, they are done!!  They only take 2 minutes to make.  I snack on one sometimes if I get hungry during the day. IMG_20181108_172431 The sandwich is totally delicious and totally unhealthy.  They would make the perfect snack for when your college student comes home to visit this week or on a morning when your house is filled with Thanksgiving guests and you need something easy to prepare for breakfast.  Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, or for a midnight snack…they fit the bill to perfection.

My trick to make these extra mouthwatering is to use Swirled Sugar Cinnamon Bread.  It adds the Wow factor that regular bread does not bring.

Heat up your griddle or cooking pan.  Spread butter onto the bread.  Lots and lots of it.  It will add that extra crunchy brown crust to your sandwich.  Place the buttered bread, butter side down, on the hot surface.


Spread peanut butter.  You can just never have enough peanut butter!IMG_20181108_171049

Lather the top with strawberry jelly.  You can use any flavor of jelly or jam you prefer.


Place the jellied bread, jelly side down, onto the peanut butter side on the griddle. Spread more butter on top.  Did I mention butter?

IMG_20181108_171407Flip the sandwich over.  Look at that buttery, crunchy crust!


I like to serve grilled sandwiches sliced in half.  It just feels special to me cut that way. It may have been because we did that in my childhood.   You just can’t have a grilled sandwich without it being in two slices!  It feels like extra love went into it.


Here’s the icing on the cake.  Or the “icing” on the grilled PB & J.  If you want some extra sweetness, sprinkle powdered sugar and drizzle Hersey’s strawberry flavored syrup over the top.  Who can resist that??



With Thanksgiving coming up, who knows?  Maybe I’ll pop these on the griddle Thanksgiving morning.

Featured Comments of the Week:

Patty Thurlby writes about What Happens When You Transform a Garage Sale Frame into Chic Farmhouse Décor:  “Nice!! I love the saying!!!!!”

Thanks, Patty, for your lovely comment.

stevescountry comments:  “This is a great idea! I know my sister and niece would certainly like this. Unfortunately it is now too cold to use spray paint outdoors and I don’t think it would be a good idea indoors! I like quick and easy projects, I’m working on a couple indoor bird houses right now, plus a couple other ideas. Thanks so much for sharing this one, I hope you will bring out some more ideas since Christmas is on the way! Steve.”

Thanks Steve, for a great comment!  A birdhouse is a great DIY project.

Rachel says:Great pictures! I’m excited to see more of the “home decor on a budget” posts on your blog!”

Thank you Rachel!  Glad you are enjoying the home décor posts.

ordinarilyextraordinarymom says, “Love these. Thanks for putting this together. I love doing Fall DIY projects.”

That’s great!  So glad to have your follow, and thanks for a lovely comment!




































12 thoughts on “The Unexpected Twist Grilled PBJ Sandwich Recipe

  1. Great recipe and great tasting even without the cinnamon bread! And coffee with it is a natural, and just a bit of maple syrup. Didn’t actually try the maple syrup but perhaps next time! I like maple syrup with many things, especially at breakfast. Anyway, this is quick and great, thanks for sharing the recipe! Steve.

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