To the Future of HCG

After a year long blogging hiatus, I woke up one morning to find that a bucket list I curated last fall on Pinterest, had suddenly skyrocketed to 24,000+ impressions.  I sucked in a quick breath and took a scalding sip of hazelnut coffee in disbelief.  Something so simple, that I had created on a whim, made such a big impact.  It was an idea, an inspiration, words, that I had done nothing to promote. If a single Pin could do that, what other influences could someone have on this online world?  Could someone bridge the gap between the online world into the real world and make that same impact?

In reality, successful men and women around the globe do that every day.  They wake up with a smile on their face before the early morning light, catch a steaming hot mug of coffee…maybe a crispy bagel with cream cheese, and make their lonesome ways in the early morning light to pour their heart and soul into their work.

My limited scope kept me boxed in my own little corner, afraid to branch out and explore new options.  I was hungry for this blog to be more than just a “selfie” snap shot of my life, but a place for meaningful connections.  Our smallest of contributions, can make such an impact.

I want this to be a place where you feel empowered to make an impact, to be a person of strength.  So…if your blog is small and you only have 3 readers.  Make that same impact that you would with 300, or with 100,000, or if you were a star singing to a stadium full of people and the world was your stage.

It is through these tiny moments of impact, that we can start to see the big picture.  A simple smile, a single greeting, a meaningful compliment, is the force we have at our disposal.  These tiny moments of human connection can cause a chain of events that pass from person to person.  They can create a hurricane of unbelievable proportions that can take over the world, making it a better place.  If the outside environment needs a filter, a cleansing…maybe our social environment does as well.

This blog is for you. We are surrounded by images of perfect lives, thin bodies, spotless homes, and glossy lifestyles. In the scope of life, there is more to achievement than that. What difference are you making, love?

You will find an orbit of the choicest ideas, in this whimsical little place of design, self empowerment, design and fashion.

There are so many exciting journeys in store.  Welcome to ours!



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