Living Room Love

The past year has been filled with many special memories, the highlight of which was the addition of a new home. When I first walked into the living room while the house was still on the market, I immediately felt “at home” and was content to stay there forever. I kept going back to it, and that is how I knew it was the one. Besides, that wood stove begs and pleads for someone to plop right down in front of it, start a cozy fire, and read an entertaining novel while sipping on a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

It is amazing how with just a few alterations, the entire look of a room, a home, or a small space can look entirely different. My first project in the new home was to replace the carpet with laminate flooring and paint the brick fireplace white. The walls were painted a “comet dust” gray color. These were the only three changes, and suddenly the living room came alive!! I can’t tell you how starry eyed I am looking at these pictures, because my living room has all of my heart. My living room is my happy place!

What is your happy place in your home?

Lots of love, HCG


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