Woodland DIY Fairy Costume

Hello friends! What is your favorite costume memory? Not every costume has to be sown down to the last tiny stitches. No more spending hours of planning or breaking the bank to transform into a magnificent someone different. With a little bit of hot glue and a whole lot of imagination, you can create an attractive get up, whether its for a party, a holiday, or for your son or daughter at school.

When you’re a teacher there is a dress up day for everything. I have taught for quite a while now and at every school I’ve been at, Friday was pep rally AND the day for dress up. We have camo day, nerd day, red and black day, farmer day, …you name it and there’s a day for it! This Thursday we are sprucing up yet again. The specials teachers are wearing book fairy costumes. My first idea was to hunt around the nooks and crannies in my closet for items to make the costume from. The whole outfit was about $10 and looks fit for a book fairy.

There are several parts to this outfit, none of which take a long time.

  • Use leggings, shoes, and a dress, tunic, or shirt from your closet. My dress was thrifted.
  • Make a super easy no-sew tutu skirt. Mine took about 10 minutes. Here are directions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRFWPvigQuk You can use any color of tulle you want. If you want a skirt that is not as fluffy, tie only one piece of tulle at a time and make your pieces of tulle longer. Spray paint the tulle with glitter paint if you want to add some sparkle. If you were making a skirt for your daughter this would be an extra cute option. I hot glued flowers (Dollar General) onto the tulle, cut out flower petals from a book I was going to throw away, and hot glued them onto the tulle. This is some extra detail that gives the “ah-hah-that-is-so-cute!” moment to the skirt. To add to the “fairy-esque-ness”, hot glue some feathers around the top with white fabric, paper, or felt.

The crown was made entirely of crafting items from Dollar General. I hot glued flowers and dragonflies to the crown. Glue the dragonflies at an angle to where they look like they flew and “landed” on the crown. This makes them look extra life like. This crown took $3 and 5 minutes to create and is every bit of woodland fairy as they come.

The butterfly wings are made out of a book and paper feathers cut from an old book I was sending to the trashcan. You could use fabric, felt, or ribbon in place of the paper. I found wings in the kids section at Dollar General and hot glued all of those feathers into place, and voila! ready to go!! These wings took $2 and 5 minutes to make.

The magic wand was made out of a pencil and paper. I wrapped the paper around the pencil and hot glued it on. I cut out fairy feathers out of paper and glued them in a circle around the pencil. Since I had some extra glitter, I threw that on as well. Now I will really spread glitter magic wherever I go-haha!

Up the glam when it comes to makeup. Use your basic makeup routine and then play up the color of the dress. I am usually a pretty basic girl when it comes to makeup. I have a few basic makeup looks that I go with and I just don’t have a lot of makeup lying around, as sad as that is. I take care of my face and like it to look natural. This time, though, I played up the pink and the glitter. I found one of those $2 glitter packs from Walmart and put it on my cheeks, around my eyes, lips, on my mascara (yes that’s how I did it, instead of buying fake glitter eyelashes!), and on my hair. Yes, that is glitter eye shadow in my hair! It brushed out the next day. Curl your hair, braid it, glitter it, butterflies on it…a fairy must have magical hair!!

You can be ready to go in about 20 minutes with this DIY. For me, let’s see if that magic wand really serves up super powers and charms all of my classes that day….just kidding! Hopefully, however, this little DIY can be an inspiration. Creating doesn’t have to take large amounts of times, money, or planning. Use what you have lying around in the nooks and crannies of your home, heat up the hot glue gun, and get inventive. What can you use with what you have?

Thank you readers all for the warm welcome back into the blogging world!! If you post a comment, I will continue to choose favorite comments and link to them on this post.


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