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A lifestyle blog by a Texas gal with country roots focused on the magic of her everyday, including shopping hacks, fashion, DIY, and travel. This lifestyle blog celebrates passions that make a beautiful life, and the stories surrounding those passions!IMG_20180728_150212

Meet :  The Girl from Hub City

Hub City Girl moved from Houston TX to Hub City as a young girl and has been a country enthusiast ever since.  She is a career woman, writer, stylist, and personal shopper. She has worked as both a private and public teacher for 12 years. As a music teacher, her students have performed four successful Disney musicals to raving parent reviews. She has experience in successfully pioneering a secondhand clothing Ebay business which grew to earn her an average of $300 a month. One of her hobbies is cooking delicious and filling country cuisine.  Follow her Hub City world at http://www.hubcitygirl.com.

Interview with Hub City Girl 

Hello Reader, welcome to my Texas world!   I am so glad to meet you and have you join our community of followers.  There is so much happiness to be discovered in living!

Who are you?  I am a country girl who grew up living on a tiny ranchette called Boy Howdy, near Hub City.  Click here and here to see pictures. Sometimes I go and visit the old home place and write about those adventures.

Why is your blog called Hub City Girl?  Click on The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done to read my article on why I chose this name.  Hub City is the heart of my own little space in the world.  No matter where I have lived, Hub City looms in the distance.  I grew up north of Hub City limits, went to college there, and got my first job in a small town an hour away (discussed in The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done).  Now I am moving closer.  Two things Hub City is famous for: our very own 274 ft skyscraper and a blue dome (of sky).

Are these your pictures, or do you use stock photos?  For the most part, I use my own.  If I use a stock photo, I always label them.

How would you describe your life?  My life.  It’s a magical fairy tale of sky, dirt, and sunshine.   Read10 Tips for Those Who Hate to Live in the Country to understand why.

How tall are you?  This is a question I’ve been asked all through high school, followed by the inevitable, “do you play basketball?”  My height is 5 feet, 9 1/2 in.

Where do you work? I teach primary music and survive on chocolate.  In the past, I have taught elementary music and social studies.  The most favorite thing I did was producing Disney musicals.  Our productions were called, “Little People’s Broadway.”  We sang, acted, wore home-made costumes, and even danced.

What does your home look like?  You can see my living room by clicking Welcome to My Living Room.

What have you discovered recently about your fashion style?  I love honing in on my personal style.  It’s a work in progress, right? Recently I have been experimenting with the aesthetics of layering pieces.

If you’re a country girl, don’t you do the whole “t shirt and jeans” thing a lot?  I don’t always wear a t shirt, jeans and boots (GASP!), I dress up often.  You can read about it in this article, The Tricks of Upscale Thrift Styling.

What is the most recent item you have purchased?  The cutest little pillow ever with a gold bike and flowers on it that says “Life is a beautiful ride!”  Also a little burlap makeup bag with bright colored pom-poms that says in bright pink “off-duty.” Adorable!

Can we meet your family?  I call my two wonderful parents Farmer Jim and Mom Dallas.  Mom has often been asked if she is Lucy Ewing Cooper on Dallas because of her gorgeous long blond hair.   I have four brothers, a sister, and 3 gorgeous high school nieces whom I love to spoil.

What is a common question you get about where you live? Does the wind blow like this all the time here?  And the answer is, Yes. Only sometimes it changes and comes from the other direction.

Please introduce yourself below!  I look forward to meeting all of you!  Welcome to my HCG world.


Hub City Girl

Life is hard…make happiness!

We are surrounded by images of perfect lives, thin bodies, spotless homes, and glossy lifestyles.  Except…everyday life is not always so perfect.  Life gets complicated.  Sometimes you have to make your own magic.  At HCG, you can.  Join us to discover everything magical about living life.


62 thoughts on “About HCG

  1. I just discovered your blog as I was searching for other bloggers in my area to connect with, and I am loving it!! I lived in Lubbock for about 15 years and miss it terribly. We now live about 2 hours south of Lubbock. My blog is still a work in progress and I have not published it yet. Great job on your blog. It is one I will continue to follow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Paige, Someone who knows where Lubbock is on the map–YAY!! 🙂 So glad you are here!! Thank you for the follow. I am really looking forward to reading your blog content, especially since I too am always on the lookout for bloggers from this area. I will keep an eye out for your first post. Please keep in touch! Thank you for the lovely comment.


  2. It’s nice to meet you! I’m John! I tend to do random blog reading and came across your blog! There’s a lot here I will have to dive into over time!


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