This blog is for you. 

We are surrounded by images of perfect lives, thin bodies, spotless homes, and glossy lifestyles.

In the scope of life, there is more to achievement than that.

Sometimes you have to make your own magic.  At this little online community, you can begin.

You will find an orbit of the choicest ideas, in this whimsical little place of design, self empowerment, fashion, and beauty. 

Welcome and please join us. 

Love, HCG


  1. Paige

    I just discovered your blog as I was searching for other bloggers in my area to connect with, and I am loving it!! I lived in Lubbock for about 15 years and miss it terribly. We now live about 2 hours south of Lubbock. My blog is still a work in progress and I have not published it yet. Great job on your blog. It is one I will continue to follow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hub City Girl

      Hey Paige, Someone who knows where Lubbock is on the map–YAY!! 🙂 So glad you are here!! Thank you for the follow. I am really looking forward to reading your blog content, especially since I too am always on the lookout for bloggers from this area. I will keep an eye out for your first post. Please keep in touch! Thank you for the lovely comment.


  2. The Eclectic Contrarian

    It’s nice to meet you! I’m John! I tend to do random blog reading and came across your blog! There’s a lot here I will have to dive into over time!


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