What Happens When You Transform a Garage Sale Frame into Chic Farmhouse Décor

Hello friends!  I’ve taken a weeks hiatus to begin scheming and planning towards the upcoming changes to HCG since the announcement of our Nordstrom Fall Giveaway Winner.   One of the topics readers wrote that they really enjoyed reading about were easy ways to make their house beautiful, emphasis on EASY!   I completely agree.  Here are the steps I took to transform a garage sale frame into some chic décor.  It took only a few minutes to take the frame apart and spray it down with chalkboard paint.  This also make a perfect gift for anyone who loves that chic “country” style we are pulling off here.  Wrap it up in a gorgeous red bow and it makes a perfect Christmas gift.   When I finished, I wrote something on there that I’ve been mulling over for a while now.  Don’t live in yesterday, be thankful for today, look forward to tomorrow.













  • Remove the board from the frame.  (I use a putty knife to bend the nails back to get the frame out of there.)
  • Sand the board down and wipe off excess dirt.
  • Spray the board with black chalkboard paint.  Let dry.
  • Sand, stain, and varnish the wooden part of the frame, if necessary  (I skipped this step because the frame was so beautiful!)
  • Put the board back in the frame.
  • Hot glue on any extra metal décor. (You can find metal sayings like mine at Hobby Lobby.)
  • Tie with a pretty bow in the corner.
  • Display!

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